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Let YOUR dreams take flight

“Hi, my name is James Downie. I’m 58 years old and I’ve been living in this beautiful tropical paradise for the last four years. When I’m not living here I get to travel the world – I’ve been to Bali, the Philippines, Europe, all over Canada and the United States . I feel fabulous – I feel like I’m in my forties again and I have a business that provides the income to do all that. Thousands of dollars come in every month and its global, I can travel around with it, take it wherever I go, it requires a little bit of effort to keep the money flowing but not a lot.

And I keep running into people that are working way too hard. They’re working 50, 60, 70 hours to provide something – hopefully, that will lead them to a good retirement.  People that are overweight, unhealthy, feeling vulnerable because of their health – or people that are already retired and they are lost and feeling “purposeless”. They don’t know what to be up to, they don’t know what they should be doing with their life anymore. In resolving those things for myself  I have created solutions to these challenges.

I have a system that allows people to be up to something, to have income that is global that they can travel around with, to make sure that their health is looked after – I mean I released forty pounds and I feel great! Those are things that are important to people. So if they’re important to you -if you would like to join me in a tropical location on the ocean and golf all through the winter, have sunshine and really warm weather even in January then give me a shout. Contact me and we will setup a strategic session and discover how to customize my system to work for you. In fact send me an email right now at James@JamesDownie.com because why would you wait even one minute longer to start creating the life of your dreams or creating the dreams to enliven your life.”