About James

jamesJames Downie thrives on inspiring individuals and has inspired audiences up to 3,000 people. As a Trainer and Coach, James has shared the podium with some of the best in the world, including Dr. Denis Waitley, Robert Allen, T. Harv Eker, Andrew Barber-Starkey, David Wood and many others.

Using the principles he teaches, James Downie has developed an enviable lifestyle. Freedom means different things to different people. To James it means he has the privilege of:
• living in a tropical paradise when it’s winter in Canada,
• being supported by residual income,
• having the flexibility to work his own schedule from his virtual office – with his cell phone and laptop – anywhere, often from the most gorgeous places on the planet.

James was born in Winnipeg, Canada. As a young man, all he dreamed about was becoming a teacher. He graduated from the University of Manitoba with a degree in Zoology and Psychology and his teaching credentials.

As often happens life took a curve –James ended up in sales. First working for others and then himself.
Having borrowed $20,000 from his Grandmother and more money from the bank (signed for by his parents) James was ready for success on his own terms.

1 year later James closed the business – owing over $60,000 to the Royal Bank of Canada.
This was the beginning of his real education –the kind that comes from getting knocked down and picking yourself up again. And again. And again.

In fact it took over 10 years of trial and error, reading great books and listening to brilliant mentors before James figured out the formula for success.
Once he had it figured out it happened fast.

James started an international distribution business and within 18 months sales reached in excess of $40,000 a week; that’s over $2 million a year.

That business has become one source of residual income..It also allowed James to raise his son as a single Dad and start a new career as a public speaker, eventually speaking to crowds of up to 3,000 people all over North America. Teaching people from the stage and in smaller seminars as well certainly allowed James to realize his aspirations to teach –he has now affected 10’s of thousands of people.

When the financial crunch hit in 2008??? It devasted the seminar business (along with many other businesses). So James once again used what he had discovered to be the secrets to creating a successful business and started a new venture. It consistently hits 6 figures in sales every MONTH and now provides a very healthy income.

jamesdownie-shilodownieTravelling the globe, managing his business interests, spending time with his beautiful wife Shilo (a successful author) and his son David (now 20 and having his own adventure) fill James’ life. And at heart he is still a teacher.

jamesdownie-and-sonThis website is all about James giving back. Helping others to achieve success, to discover their true potential and live the life they were born to live.

Moving from confusion, turmoil and broken dreams to a life of clarity, success and purpose.

So whether you experience James in a strategy session or group coaching or at a seminar he is genuinely interested in your journey and your future success. If you are willing to invest in your future you could be living your dreams in a tropical paradise too.