Inspirational Speaking & Training

Mic ImageJames has motivated thousands of people through his passionate, expressive, honest and humorous messages. Effectively using his experience as a teacher, scientist, personal growth coach with a business and marketing focus, an entrepreneur, and renowned public speaker, James will leave your audience awe-inspired with the ability to create magic and meaning in their own lives.

James has presented to groups of up to 3,000 people throughout North America (sales averaged $1,000/attendee -i.e. up to $3 Million during a 3 day event) and has facilitated with great companies and programs like – Peak Potentials, Warrior Sage, Mastery of Self Expression, ProCoach Success System, Selling Naturally, Centre for Transformation – in Alberta, BC, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Washington state, California, Texas, Florida and North Dakota

James Downie has delivered his own programs and also shared the podium with some of the best in the world including Dr. Denis Waitley, Robert Allen, T. HarvEker, Andrew Barber-Starkey, Larry Gilman and others.

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