“I have worked with James and have discovered that he is a deeply committed, honorable, compassionate man that has a capacity for humanity that anyone who works with him, would be greatly benefited.

James has been both a student and a colleague of mine, which in and of itself speaks volumes about his curiosity, his openness, his caring, and his wondrous ability to put aside hierarchy to get to what drives him. A deep and caring heart that is concerned with the human spirit, heart, and life of each individual.

I have seen James take the extra time, so that each person he works with resonates with a personal connection and the words “…. you are not alone …” really mean something. He follows through, he is personal, he cares, he creates a space for people to discover themselves and be better for it.
I am happy to recommend James to anyone considering working with him, as I trust that James will also tell you if he can benefit you or not. A rare commodity in these recessionary times, and let’s you know he is actually listening to you and is worthy of the conversation.

I write this with a great love of the person that James is.”

Larry Gilman, Facilitator
The Mastery of Self Expression


“I can honestly say that James Downie is one of the most talented people I know. He has it all – coach, entertainer, trainer, public speaker, successful entrepreneur and MHB (marvelous human being)..

I have come to know James extremely well over the past 10 years. Our connection began with business coaching. After seeing him in action I was impressed with hiscoaching skills and track record and engaged him to work as a coach with our small business clients.

Within a few years James and I were working side-by-side facilitating The Mastery, a powerful personal development course. It was here I discovered his tremendous talent as an entertainer. Over and over I found myself howling with laughter at his humor and antics.

James is a gifted public speaker. When I needed to hire a professional seminar leader to fill in for me at ProCoach marketing seminars, he was my immediate first choice. He did a fabulous job and we received extremely positive feedback from those who attended. Most importantly, he produced excellent sales results for us.

I frequently invite James to present content and experiential exercises at our ProCoach seminars; always to the delight of our members. He is a solid and consistent member of our community and I am proud to consider him an associate and friend.”

Andrew Barber-Starkey, President
ProCoach Success System


“James Downie is a man of exceptional wisdom, integrity and compassion.  He shines light on the blind spots of those he works with in a gentle manner and guides in a selfless way.  As a speaker, facilitator and coach, James provides space for people to come to their own truths and then does everything in his power to assist them with achieving their dreams.  I trust him to take wonderful care of people and know that he walks the talk.  All this and a wicked sense of humor!  Those who work with James are very fortunate.  Be prepared to be powerfully touched by the experience. ”

Jill Kennedy, Facilitator
The Mastery of Self Expression


“To James,

You’re awesome and thank you for all your support all these years.

With love, Harv”

T. Harv Eker, President


“James Downie is an exceptional soul..

You will realize this the moment you meet him…in his eyes, his smile, his handshake or his famous heart hug. He exudes a warm, friendly, authentic energy about him of trustworthiness that is un-deniable..

James is a clear, eloquent speaker and an incredible trainer. He has a natural humor about him that engages the audience where they are at and easily facilitates the most challenging and taxing of topic. He is intellectually sharp and quick on his feeton stage..

This man is not only extremely capable but integral. He lives his truth. Once he gives you his undertaking, you can rest assured he will understate and over deliver. He is the kind of man that if you really needed someone to count on….he is right there. Deeply compassionate…yet is about both support and challenge.

A solid friend and an exceptional business associate.

I wish I had met James 20 years ago. I also wish I had ten more of him in my life.”

Zale Zeviar, Founder & CEO